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08:44pm 03/02/2010
  im on zoloft now, or the generic version of it and have been for over a year. it works, very well but has very annoying side effects that apparently are common. Very vivid dreams, that usually involve worries that I will have during the day. So its like, even though im living through my day all nice and calm, when I sleep I am hating my life again. and the worst part is, all i feel like doing is sleeping. i sleep in every class in school, i will fall asleep when a teacher is talking, when im reading, or even if i am sitting up and pinching myself, thinking about not falling asleep. i sleep at least eight hours a day, and am still tired with that much. i can sleep for 12 and still want more. people are impressed with my sleeping skills. im not.

and im reading up on all these people who have similar side effects, or worse, or better and some who have been on them for so long and stopped taking them and are literally...dying. do i have to stop at some point? arent i supposed to take this for the rest of my life? what would happen to me if i do?

i have been this way all my life. and i have no reason to feel suicidal, angry, upset and such. i literally thought living was so useless, for everyone not even myself. death was like, the obvious choice and ive come too close to reaching it. i was just always a sad and extremely anxious little girl that would never talk to anyone for fear of judgement and i have beens self conscious of who i am and how i look and what others think of me to a point where i refused to do sports, school activities, call other people, take part in games even BOARD games for christ sakes i thought people would make fun of me and think im dumb. and as i grew up it only became worse and then i started thinking all the time and was just like, whats the point of this i know no one that is happy with their life that has been growing up in my situation i have no hope for a great future im stuck with suburbia america and taxes and cubicles and a failed marriage. DIE.

what i wanna ask the common joe is, has anyone been like this before? been depressed, and not from just a break-up or death or any other devastating event? just, thats how you are? and what, if anything, have you done about it?

id be very much appreciated because even though i feel like a happy person who just sleeps too much and has crazy dreams, i am afraid it wont last that long, and, if it does, worse things will happen.
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Vivid Dreams 
09:36pm 28/01/2009
mood: curious
I have been on Zoloft for about 8 months now.  About 2 months ago, I started having really vivid dreams.  The colors the sounds the subject matter.  It is all really wild. 

Also,  I bruise like a hemopehliac.  I read somewhere that this is a symptom.

Does anyone else have either of these side effects?
Better Ideas 
10:11pm 05/12/2007
  Hey everyone i have just been added as a co-moderator for the better_ideas It has been unkept for awhile and gets infrequent use from people so I'm hoping to get it going again. So for those of you interested in the topic please come and check the community out, join in and help me develop this into a positive community for us dealing with depression.  
10:15am 03/08/2007
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11:05pm 17/07/2007
  Hi. My name is Melissa and I am 24. I have been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and anxiety for the last 6 years. With the Bipolar, I am on Seroquel, Cytomel, and Klonopin. However, I am having a lot of intrusive, obsessive thoughts. My pdoc put me on a VERY low dose of Celexa....just 10 mgs. I have noticed it helping out. But, anything I should watch out for? Any experiences?  
08:11pm 17/05/2007
  hello, i'm ashley. new to this community.

i've been on a few ssri's before, celexa, wellbutrin, and lexapro, none of them really worked for me though. i start prozac tomorrow, 10mg.

in addition to already taking 10 mg of abilify, which is going to be cut down to 5 mg.

i've also taken depakote for mild manic episodes.

anyone else have any good/bad experiences with it? {prozac}

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Lexapro and Zoloft 
01:42am 16/04/2007
  I recently switched from 5 mg of Lexapro to 50 mg of Sertraline/Zoloft. My psychiatrist and I decided to switch because Lexapro was causing some really bad headaches and also because when she increased my dose to deal with depression my anxiety increased way too much. Another thing that happened with Lexapro and did not notice until my mother told me is memory problems. I would forget where I had put my wallet five minutes before, in my own room and could not find it. I would forget about important deadlines and such. I don't know if this was a result of the meds or the depression. I am taking Sertraline now, I feel better than when I was on Lexapro in terms of my anxiety and depression, but I am having a really hard time concentrating and sometimes I feel out of it, like I'm floating, but not in an "I'm so high" kind of way, it's hard to describe.

Has anyone had similar experiences or side effects? Has anyone made the same med switch?

I will bring this up in my next appointment, but I just wanted to see if other people have had the same experiences. Thanks for sharing.
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Off meds now, finally back to "normal" 
01:08pm 15/04/2007
  Question: what happens if you tell a doctor you're feeling suicidal? I'm alright now, but the last couple weeks I avoided going in and saying "I want to die" because I knew it was going to pass and I didn't know what would happen if I admitted that.

Background below:
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Would like any thoughts from ppl who know 
01:54pm 08/03/2007
mood: lonely

I was diaognosed with depression and anxiety (with a strong pull toward social anxiety) in 2005
I was prescribed zoloft (sertraline) which i duly went on, much to my disliking.
since then i've been off and on them a few times.  
I dont want to be on them, i hate that i can't control my life, and i hate that if i'm on them i'll be like my mother and sister (both on anti-d's and we DO NOT get along, partly due to the fact they think i should be on them and can't understand why i have a problem being on them.

Please don't get me wrong, i don't judge others for it, couldn't care less if you're on them or off them or anything, it's just a personal thing that i think i should be able to control my own life and head.

So the question i'm asking is this:

what are the alternatives? And do they work?

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Low cost meds 
10:45pm 07/02/2007
  Hi, I'm new here and wanted to introduce myself and also to ask a quick question about filling scripts.  I don't have prescription drug coverage and my doc said many of her patients are buying from Canada to save money.  Has anyone done this and if so, what site did you use?  I'll take any input on how to make my scripts more affordable.  I'm in that awful income bracket where I don't make enough to afford meds but don't make little enough to qualify for public assistance.  
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11:29pm 02/02/2007
  hey, glad to find this community. is anyone trying to go OFF of meds? I was on Zoloft, found that I was gaining weight and switched over to Paxil with no withdrawl symptoms. Now I am trying to get off Paxil and it is absolutely AWFUL. Electric zaps, dizziness, stomach aches, headaches, really bad vertigo... so weird. I got down to a 1/4 pill but had to go back to 1/2 pill b/c the symptoms were so bad. appreciate any help  
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10:59pm 17/01/2007
  hi everyone. i just took my first zoloft pill a few hours ago. it was 50mg, and now i feel very manic and my heart is beating fast. its pretty uncomfortable, i dont feel happy or calm necessarily. should i cut the pill in half when i take it next time? did this happen for any of you?

thanks, alison.
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12:36pm 16/01/2007
  Is there anything else you avoid while on your SSRI othen than alcohol and dextrometorphan? Are vitamins fine?  
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Paxil or Prozac, 
11:55am 15/01/2007

I'm taking 10mg of Paxil for panic attacks and physical symptoms of anxiety. My doctor initially talked about prescribing Prozac rather than Paxil but then decided on Paxil. This is my fifth day of taking the medication and it's only now that I read about the weight gain often associated with Paxil.

What has your experience been? I exercise 4-5 times a week and eat a very healthy diet. I realize that everyone's body responds to the medication differently but I was wondering how likely is it that Paxil will cause me to gain weight, and whether this is reason enough to ask my doctor to switch me to Prozac.

Is Paxil, in your experience, considerably better at treating panic attacks than Prozac?
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Need help on what to take 
03:21pm 05/01/2007
mood: nostalgic
Hello everyone-

I need some help on what type of anit-depresses to take. I was once on zoloft and it work for awhile but i had to stop cold turkey because was not working for me anymore. What pills are good? let me know...i mean zoloft help me in the begin but end up bad =(
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06:40pm 24/12/2006
  Hi, I've never posted here before, but I've been through a number of SSRI's in my time. None of which has really worked for me, but I'm currently on cipramil/citalopram/celexa - whatever you know it by - it's the all the same drug under different brand names. I'm unsure of its effect yet - it's too early - I just feel a bit sick and numb.

Two things really. - Has anyone ever tried combining taking the food suppliment, 5-HTP along with an SSRI, because to my logic, the two substances should enhance the effect.
Serotonin is the chemical that we "supposedly" need more of in our brain synapses to help depression.
5-HTP is a precursor for the production of serotonin and therefore helps your brain make more.
SSRI's slow the destruction of serotonin and therefore helps the serotonin you make build up in the brain.
So - shouldn't taking both help? Sorry if I haven't made myself clear - but I would be interested if anyone has opinions, because I know that taking 5-HTP alone, has helped me a lot.

The only other thing was that I thought posting a quick link to this Wikipedia page would be useful to all members here.


Anyway - thanks for listening, and good luck to all.
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11:34pm 27/11/2006
  weight gain and celexa? any experiences?  
11:46pm 19/11/2006
mood: nervous
Has anyone had experience with wellbutrin? Today was the first day of uping my dose from 75mg to 150mg. All day I felt kinda shaky and nervous. It was a weird feeling but it did not interfere with my day or work. Has anyone else experienced this? Does it go away eventually? I want to call my pdoc tomorrow and see if taking it in 75mg doese two times a day instead of th whole 150mg dose at one tim. I don't know if that would help with the nervousness.

My hands were shaking a lot too. And I've been having a headache for several days now which I can not decide if it is just from allergies or the meds.
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03:32am 11/11/2006
  Generally (or in your own personal experience), how long did it take for Lexapro to start working?

A little history on me:

I started out on SSRI's for anxiety (sleeplessness, weird bladder tick, IBS). I started out on Paxil CR which worked wonders for me but made me sleepy ALL THE TIME. Tried Zoloft which made me want to kill myself - boy howdy, never doing that again. Tried the regular Paxil which didn't seem to do much. I wound up being diagnosed with depression a couple of weeks ago. My doctor is trying me on Lexapro. While I am starting to feel a little less depressed, I am still (/back to) having major anxiety issues (not to mention a loss of appetite and being nauseated nearly 24/7).

Anyone else have this with Lexapro? Did it take awhile to work for you? It's just ... I'm really hoping this will start kicking in and helping the anxiety because my only other option is to go back to Paxil CR and, while effective, I don't know if I can deal with being so sleepy all the time (due to medication, not depression) again.
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01:35pm 27/10/2006
  Hi. My name is Stephani. I’m 19.

And basically, I’m looking for someone to talk to; I need some friends. I was recently diagnosed with anxiety/depression and I am on Zoloft and Ativan, which aren’t really helping. I’m sad and lonely and I am so unmotivated. It’s really hard for me to survive in a college environment when all I want to do is sleep.

But I don’t want to sound like I am complaining or begging. I just thought it might be good to find some people who understand or just people to talk to; to check in with. 

I go to college in Philadelphia. I love music. I love my boyfriend. I love green tea. I love photography. I’m a journalism major & while I love to write, I want to work for a magazine, maybe editing or layout. I love sleep. I hate drama. I hate feeling so sad. But I am optimistic about the future.

So if you want to be friends, that’s cool. You can add me on lj. You can add me on myspace, facebook or aim: dearaffliction.

If not, that’s okay too.
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