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Would like any thoughts from ppl who know

I was diaognosed with depression and anxiety (with a strong pull toward social anxiety) in 2005
I was prescribed zoloft (sertraline) which i duly went on, much to my disliking.
since then i've been off and on them a few times.  
I dont want to be on them, i hate that i can't control my life, and i hate that if i'm on them i'll be like my mother and sister (both on anti-d's and we DO NOT get along, partly due to the fact they think i should be on them and can't understand why i have a problem being on them.

Please don't get me wrong, i don't judge others for it, couldn't care less if you're on them or off them or anything, it's just a personal thing that i think i should be able to control my own life and head.

So the question i'm asking is this:

what are the alternatives? And do they work?

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